Monday, May 30, 2016

Tuktuk auto rikshaw refferal code - R6TAN25060 How does tCash referral program work?

TukTuk tCash is a customer referral program, wherein existing customers earn tCash by inviting their friends on to TukTuk App. Earned tCash is automatically deducted from their fare. It’s simple and easy to do.
Here is how you can invite your friends —
Go to tCash menuClick on “Invite and Earn” button on the bottom of the screenSelect the App you want to share the invitation with. e.g. WhatsApp, Viber, Hike etc.Select your friends and send the invite.
Your friend will receive a message like this —
TukTuk is the smartest way to travel. Download the app and use my Referral Code R6TAN25060 for exciting offers.
What does your friend do?
Clicks on the link from the message. In this case, the link Gets redirected to Install TukTuk app from the Play Store.Installs the App.
At this point, we try our level best to automatically decipher your referral code in your friend’s mobile. 99% of the time, we are able to successfully figure this out, and your friend sees a message like this —
You have been invited by chetan to TukTuk family. Welcome! You can also invite your friends and spread love. Please complete the form and go on your very first ride.
However, in a rare scenario where we are not able to figure your referral code, the App will ask your friend to provide the referral code manually.
At this point, your friend must enter your referral code. Which in this case is R6TAN25060.

After this, your friend goes about completing the signup step. And then, hopefully takes his first TukTuk ride.
As soon as your friend takes his first ride — we will credit tCash worth Rs.25 to your account.
Hope this helps. For any queries — do write to us at

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