Thursday, December 31, 2015

Jugnoo Promo Code (CHETN484098) Coupons and Referral Trick

Jugnoo Promo Code (CHETN484098)
Want to ride free on Autos and get free meals. Then you must need to try Jugnoo Auto and Jugnoo Meal. If you use this Jugnoo Promo Code, you will get Rs 100 in your wallet for free. You can use my jugnoo referral code and can get free auto rides upto Rs 100 for free. Enjoy the superb services of Jugnoo and enjoy free meals and rides using Jugnoo Coupons.

Jugnoo Promo Code and Referral Code

Jugnoo Auto is on demand auto service, in which you can book Auto rides using Jugnoo app, the auto drivers and equipped with GPS, so you will also get functionality to track your ride. In Jugnoo meals you can order your meal from your home form your favorite restaurant.

Jugnoo Promo Code

  • Now Signup On Jugnoo Fatafat with my referral Code : Jugnoo Promo Code : CHETN484098 (Must Use this code to Get RS 100 )
    • Now Go to Onion Loot!! in  Jugnoo Fatafat.
    • Now order Onion or Pyaz , You can order max 2Kg onions.
    • Pay with your Jugnoo Cash that you get in your wallet.
    • So you will get Free pyaz or Free Onion from Jugnoo.
    • Invite more friend to Download Jugnoo app and get more Jugnoo money to Get more free onions.

How to Get Free Food and Auto Rides using Jugnoo

  • First Download Jugnoo App : Jugnoo Auto,  Download Jugnoo for Android .
Jugnoo is also available on iOS for Apple Iphone device. Download Jugnoo for iphone.
jugnoo for android app download
  • Now open and Signup on Jugnoo App.

You must enter this Jugnoo Invite code or promo code, then only you will get signup bonus upto Rs 100
Use this Jugnoo Promo Code JAN 2016 : CHETN484098
  • Now you will get Rs 100 in your Jugnoo Wallet.

  • Now you can use this to get Free Auto Rides or Free Food from Jugnoo.

How to Get free food from Jugnoo App

You can free meal from Jugnoo meal app. To get free food, first download the Jugnoo Meal app and signup with Jugnoo referral code.
  • Open Jugnoo Meal App
Jugnoo Meals Offer
  • It will show you available offers for the meal. It keep changing according to time. You will have different meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Now select your meal you want to book with plus sign .
jugnoo meals for free
  • It will lead you to checkout page, now just tap on get it now. It will deduct money from Jugnoo Wallet. There is no delivery charges on Jugnoo meals.
  • Now the delivery boy will call you and deliver your order.
Jugnoo Meals Deliver
Jugnoo Meals
Here is the free food from Jugnoo. It’s really Yummy. Go Download app and try yourself.

How to get free auto rides on Jugnoo

  • Simply download and signup On Jugnoo auto with Jugnoo promo code for new user.
jugnoo for android app download
  • Now Open the app and turn on the GPS.
Jugnoo free auto booking
  • It will fetch your location.
book auto on jugnoo
  • Now book the auto by tap on Chalo Jugnoo SE.
  • Pay with your Jugnoo wallet to get free auto rides.

How to get Free Food from any Restaurant in your city

Yes you can get free food from any of your favorite restaurant for free using Jugnoo FataFat app. This app allow you to order anything from any restaurant or any store in your city. They just take Rs 50 extra delivery charge. Now let me tell you how to use it. Also Try Fassos APP to get Free Food.
  • First Download jugnoo Fatafat and signup with Jugnoo FataFat promo code.
Jugnoo Fatafat
  • Now open the app of Jugnoo Fatafat.
  • Set your location.
  • Chose the restaurant or store from which you want to order.
  • Select your menu and complete your order.
  • If store is not available you can also enter your custom store.
  • Pay with Jugnoo wallet to get free food from any Hotel.
Jugnoo Referral Code : CHETN484098

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